Puckababy® The Original Piep Tender Hearts

0 t/m 3 maanden | 44 - 62 cm | 2,5 - 5,5 kg

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Puckababy® The Original Piep Tender Hearts

The swaddling sleeping bag from Puckababy is the ideal solution when you have a restless baby who cries a lot, has trouble falling asleep and wakes up quickly. Swaddling can help then, but in most cases it’s not needed. Doctors who discourage tight swaddling, do recommend the swaddling sleeping bag from Puckababy.

Why The Puckababy The Original Piep?

Our world is busy, very busy… That’s why the little ones have to deal with a lot of impressions every day. When it’s bedtime, a lot of babies have trouble giving themselves over to sleep. The feeling that comes from being inside the sleeping bag comforts the baby. It feels soft and warm; it reminds him of all that time in mom’s belly. The arms are within the sleeping bag, so the baby can’t knock himself awake anymore.


  • All year round
  • 100% cotton
  • Not tight
  • Not warm
  • Baby sleeps through for a long time
  • Phases out quickly
  • TOG-value: 0.5
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Subtitel 0 t/m 3 maanden | 44 - 62 cm | 2,5 - 5,5 kg
Brand Puckababy
Product nr P-PIEP-2470
Material 100% cotton
Weight packed (kg's) 0.19
Weight without packing (kg's) 0.18
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