Steiff Friend-Finder Teddy Bear 25cm

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Steiff Friend-Finder Teddy Bear 

The teddy bear with rustling foil in pretty pastel colours is 25 cm tall.

His left ear and left sole rustle so beautifully.

He's absolutely the best when baby needs a cuddle and of course he has to go everywhere with your little one.

If ever you lose him, we've though of a solution - just register your rustling teddy at

Then an honest finder can login to the link above and report that your rustling teddy bear has been found and your teddy finds his way back into your arms.

This plush toy is machine washable and 100% safe for your child.
A Steiff animal has a gold plated button in his left ear.


More Information
Color Petrol Blue
Brand Steiff
Weight packed (kg's) 2.000
Weight without packing (kg's) 0.3
Dimension (cm's) 28cm
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