Bugaboo is a Dutch design company that makes pushchairs for infants and toddlers

The models as produced by Bugaboo are:

  • Bee5: buggy with 4 smaller wheels, front wheels swivel

  • Buffalo: strong 4 wheeled pram with bigger front and rear wheels, so ideal for uneven terrain

  • Cameleon3: smart pram with small wheels on front and bigger rear wheels

  • Donkey (2): a pram for 2 kids with a small age difference or for twins

  • Runner: a lower frame to use for running, you use the seat of  the Buffalo, Cameleon or Donkey on top.

  • Fox: Great combination from the Cameleon 3 and Buffalo

  • Cameleon3 PLUS: Improved models and colors from the previous Cameleon3


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