Our webshop gives you detailed information about all the products we can supply

Just use the tabs on each product page, an indication about the quantity in stock is mentioned under each item.
Standard the prices shown are including our 21% VAT and the displayed shipping costs are for delivery in Holland.
On each page you can change country of destination.  If you order something, the shipping rate to this country is than shown. 
For countries outside the European Community the VAT will be deducted and the prices excluding VAT are displayed.
The Dutch 21% VAT which is charged standard, is valid for all destinations within the EC, not the VAT rate from the country of destination.

For destinations outside the European Community the 21% VAT is deducted from the price, but in the country of destination you will have to pay the local import duties / VAT. For Norway this is  25%.
These costs are not charged by us to you but by the dispatching company in that country.

Some items can not be shipped to certain countries for various reasons. They can be too heavy or too big to be transported decently. Some of our suppliers have given us restrictions because of warranty issues with certain countries.
In such cases, the product will not be shown in our webshop for a certain destination, or it will not stay in the shopping chart when you want to place an order.

Click on one of the tabs on top of each page and select the group of items that is displayed in the extra window. All items within this group are displayed on a new screen. You need to click on one of the pictures to proceed.
If you click on any of the pictures under the main picture you can see more views of the product.

Use the tabs for more information.

You can change the quantity you want to order and place this item in your shopping cart.

By choosing to register, you just need to fill in your details, choose a login name and code and each time you login again, the system will recognize you and  the correct shipping rates will be displayed. You also have acces to orders you have previously placed with us.
If you want an order delivered to another country, make an extra delivery address in your account and the details for shipping to that address (and country) will be displayed.

We ship orders after receipt of your payment. Payments made by credit card or PayPal are confirmed to us immediately and we ship such orders the first work day after receiving your order. Have you choosen to pay by a bank to bank money transfer, we ship after the amount is received in our bank account.

After we have shipped your order, you will receive an email with Track&Trace details (not always for small parcels). It might take a few days before this message is sent.

You can click on the image below to see a Youtube video which gives you instructions how to order