Air humidifier or air purifier for a healthy air quality in the baby room

A correct climate for your baby's environments is something to desire. The air humidity can be unhealthy, even without you noticing it. 

An air purifier or air humidifier can bring the air quality in the room back to a correct level.
Especially winter and summer can cause irregular humidity: the winter because of the heating in your house makes the air dry, in the summer because the moist in the air disappears due high temperatures.

An air humidifier is a device that makes the level of moist higher in a room. The winter makes the humidifiers even more desirable: the air in the house is often dry and the humidity level goes below the adviced level.

Some humidifiers have an extra option: as an aroma diffuser! A simple way to spread a nice aroma in a room. Such a diffuser is the best way to have the essential oils vaporate in a healthy way.

Air purifiers clean the air by the use of filters. These filters can eleminate or take out some bacteria and fungi.


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